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Optimal Control and Artificial Intelligence Lab

The Optimal Control and Artificial Intelligence Lab (OCAI-Lab) at Oakland University was established in 2020. The primary research of OCAI-Lab are in the areas of AI-enhanced control algorithm development with application in intelligent vehicles and power & energy systems. The projects involve fundamental research on control theory, optimization, artificial intelligence, and statistics to support cyber-physical systems development including smart energy and transportation systems.

      Research Areas

Research Areas

AI-enhanced Control (Collaborators: Zhaojian Li, Xiangyu Meng)

  • Event-triggered MPC

  • Reinforcement Learning-based MPC

  • Scenario Generation

  • Reconfigurable MPC

Intelligent Vehicles (Collaborators: Zhaojian Li, Lei Zhang)

  • Autonomous Vehicle Path Following

  • Electric Vehicles Driveline Control

  • Active Battery Cell Balancing

  • Co-simulation and Small-scale Experiment Platforms

Power & Energy Systems (Collaborators: Wencong Su, Guojiang Xiong, Shengrong Bu)

  • Control of Power Converter

  • Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Project Sponsors

OU       MSGC       IFT      

Disclaimer: Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in our research are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the project sponsors.