Group Members

I am looking for passionate and highly motivated Ph.D. students to join my group. Please check here: PhD_Opening_OU_Fall2024.pdf.

Current Members

Current Ph.D. Students
 Ranya Badawi (2020-present)  Zhaodong Zhou (2022-present)
 Ali Irshayyid (2022-present)  Thirumal Siruvole (2023-present)
 Dalitso Kuntambila (2023-present)  Wanqun Yang (2024-present)
Current Master Students
 David Flessner (2022-present)  Luke Nuculaj (2022-present)
 Steven DeCoste (2023-present)
Current Undergraduate Students
 Sivasakthi Muthukumar (2024-present)  Andrew McGhee (2024-present)
 George Trupiano (2024-present)  Luis Gomez (2024-present)
Current High School Students:
 Aaron Sun (2023-present)

Former Members

Former Master Students
 Christopher Rother (February 2023; Joined Northrop Grumman)

Master Thesis: Development of A Four-Wheel Steering Scale Vehicle for Autonomous Vehicle Motion Control Evaluation
Former Undergraduate Students
  Armela Gjokaj (Fall 2023)

Honor Thesis: Vehicle Parking Space Monitoring System
  Seeyam Chowdhury (Winter 2023)

Honor Thesis: Medication Dispensing System
 Matthew Adams (Summer 2022)
  Steven DeCoste (Winter 2022; Joined General Motors; Co-advised with Prof. Dan DelVescovo)

Honor Thesis: Developing an Algorithm for Minimizing Steady State Engine Testing Time
 Ziwei Zhou (Fall 2021)
 Shan Huang (Fall 2020 & Summer 2021; Continued as MS student at OU)
Graduate students who have done research under my supervision
  • Zhenqi Xu (M.S. student; Fall 2023)

  • Yonggang Wei (M.S. student; Fall 2023)

  • Daorsa Dulaj (M.S. student; Fall 2023)

  • Umbreen Kanwal (Ph.D. student; Fall 2022; Co-advised with Prof. Yongsoon Yoon)

  • Vidyasekhar Potluri (Ph.D. student; 05/2021-08/2022)

  • Bing Liu (Ph.D. student; Winter 2021)

Group Photos