Group Members

I am looking for passionate and highly motivated Ph.D. students to join my group. Please check here: PhD_Opening_OU_Fall2023.pdf.

Current Members

Current Ph.D. Students:
 Ranya Badawi (2020-present)  Zhaodong Zhou (2022-present)
 Ali Irshayyid (2022-present)  Thirumal Siruvole (2023-present)
 Dalitso Kuntambila (2023-present)  Gayathri Srinivasan (2023-present)
  Suryakiran George (2023-present)  Malek Al-Mallah (2024-present)
Current Master Students:
 David Flessner (2022-present)  Luke Nuculaj (2022-present)
 Steven DeCoste (2023-present)   Daorsa Dulaj (2023-present)
 Zhenqi Xu (2023-present)  Yonggang Wei (2023-present)
Current Undergraduate Students:
 Armela Gjokaj (2023-present)

Former Members

Former Master Students:
 Christopher Rother (February 2023; Joined Northrop Grumman)

Master Thesis: Development of A Four-Wheel Steering Scale Vehicle for Autonomous Vehicle Motion Control Evaluation
Former Undergraduate Students:
  Seeyam Chowdhury (Winter 2023)

Honor Thesis: Medication Dispensing System
 Matthew Adams (Summer 2022)
  Steven DeCoste (Winter 2022; Joined General Motors; Co-advised with Prof. Dan DelVescovo)

Honor Thesis: Developing an Algorithm for Minimizing Steady State Engine Testing Time
 Ziwei Zhou (Fall 2021)
 Shan Huang (Fall 2020 & Summer 2021; Continued as MS student at OU)
Other Students:
 Umbreen Kanwal (Fall 2022; Co-advised with Prof. Yongsoon Yoon)
 Vidyasekhar Potluri (05/2021-08/2022)
 Bing Liu (Winter 2021)

Group Photos

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 Group Seminar (February 3, 2022)
 Group Seminar (June 27, 2022)
 Group Lunch at Fuji Buffet (November 15, 2022)
 Group Seminar (April 14, 2023)
 Ali Irshayyid Presenting at 2023 American Control Conference (June 1, 2023)